Bird vocalizations: seven different types of Great tit (Parus major) vocalizations

Publication Type:Report
Year of Publication:2018
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Document Number:201811

The Great tit (Parus major) produces a large variety in calls and songs. Seven different types of vocalizations are described in this paper. Interesting is that those types differ in (acous- tic) structure. Three structures can be observed: 1) a vocalization can be 'tonal'; a pure tone, usually in time varying in frequency (often a so-called 'upsweep'); 2) a vocalization can be 'pulsed', a series of pulses consisting of a fundamental frequency on which the pulse repetition frequency is superimposed; the pulse repetition rate is between 210 and 240 pulses/s; 3) a vo- calization can be pulsed, however, with a ‘semi-broadband’ spectrum. Great tit vocalizations are concentrated around two frequency ranges: around 4 kHz and around 8 kHz. The duration of vocalization components is rather limited, usually between 95 and 130 ms.

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